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“We are mind, body and spirit.  

Connection, pleasure and progress are the key ingredients

to success in love, work and life.”


Melanie McGrath Knuts L.C.S.W.

Melanie McGrath Knuts is an expert in Human Development.  
Over the course of her 25 year career, Melanie has worked with hundreds of people, of all ages, in multiple settings, including:
Media . Law . Education . Healthcare . Technology . Finance
Nuclear . Extended . Organizational
Before commitment . Married . Divorced . LGBTQ+
Launching their lives

Melanie’s work with her clients is based on an expert knowledge of the stages of human development combined with years of clinical experience as a modern psychoanalyst and social worker. In each instance, within each setting, working together with the client Melanie customizes the approaches that best achieve:

•  Clarity about the issues and struggles.

•  Finding the words to articulate the experience of struggle.

•  Resolving what needs to be resolved through a customized action plan for each client in each situation.


Working with Melanie McGrath Knuts is creative and dynamically collaborative. She provides you with the tools you need for the work place, home and the larger world. Together you will:


•  Improve  your interpersonal skills.

•  Hone your ability to communicate effectively.

•  Acquire mindfulness techniques that support your focus and well-being.

Listen to this series where Melanie Knuts discusses aspects of her practice, experience, her approach and philosophies
Candor and compassion... -
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Expertise and experience..... -
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Counseling and miracles... -
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"Positive change for life is about sustainable well-being and contentment. 
We can achieve this when we commit to self-awareness, learn and practice new tools, and then utilize these invaluable new skills in every area of our daily lives.
Positive change for life means
life that supports Life: living vitally, balancing love, work, and play, and sustaining our own well-being as we contribute to the well-being of others and our planet"


Working with  people in multiple capacities

Here's what they say 

I trust Mrs. Knuts with my LIFE, as well as my husband’s life and my two children’s lives.  My work with Mrs. Knuts was transformative; I now have a positive balance in the areas of love, work and play. I am happy.  


15 years of psychoanalytic counseling with Mrs. Knuts has taught me how to look at various life problems, which arise, as they will, with an understanding of their deep origins. This understanding makes me more compassionate to myself as well as to others. I also have tools to use when dealing with difficult people or difficult situations, and this has changed my life for the better.”


Patient, Private Practice

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