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Executive Coaching

Melanie's experience as a Psychoanalyst enables her to bring unique skills and perspectives giving executives an edge over their contemporaries.

As your coach, Melanie McGrath Knuts is an expert at unlocking your reserves of creativity, optimism and wisdom —transforming old habits into new, more potent ways of action.

She asks tough questions with candor and compassion.

She provides strong direction with empathy.


Melanie's expertise enables leaders to cultivate self-awareness, flexible mindsets,  and a network of mentors and advocates.

In her 25 years of working with executives from all different fields, Melanie McGrath Knuts: 

• Helps emerging leaders effectively combine ambition, curiosity, compassion and emotional intelligence.


• Using proven techniques and tools, Melanie helps her clients develop new perspectives, identify their weaknesses and strengths, and isolate what it takes to get to the next level.


• Additionally, Melanie enables successful executive leaders to act on values and implement strategies within their business cultures.


• She helps successful executives remain open to innovation, experimentation and change.

Together we establish and achieve specific milestones for your success and the success
of your business.
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