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Medicine and Reiki

In the hospital setting Melanie provides a groundbreaking service, by combining her experience as a Psychoanalyst with her skills as a Reiki Practitioner. Patients, families and medical staff experience unique support and better outcomes with the integration of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) and her expertise in Human Development.

Melanie's experience in medical settings includes:

  • Trained in hospice work, particularly supporting families through the death of their loved one.

  • Ongoing clinical supervision of mental health and medical professionals working in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the south Bronx.

  • Conducting Grand Rounds: providing clinical assessment and intervention strategies for life-cycle issues.

In 2008 Melanie became interested in expanding the parameters of her clinical work. Having been exposed personally to the significant effectiveness of the Japanese relaxation practice of Reiki, she studied with a Reiki Master from the auspicious teaching lineage of Mrs. Takata. She became a Reiki Practitioner, and has provided Reiki for patients in several NY metropolitan hospitals while collaborating with medical personnel. 


One of Melanie’s goals is to see Reiki offered in all hospitals. Additionally, when doing Reiki for patients in hospital, medical staff have often requested to receive and experience the healing benefits of Reiki for themselves. Melanie educates medical staff and patients about the ways Reiki promotes positive, sustainable, physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Melanie's work as a Modern Psychoanalyst and in medical settings creates a uniquely collaborative experience with medical staff, patients, and their families in her role as Reiki practitioner. The connection between mind, body, and spirit often affects the outcomes of treatments. 


She provides both Reiki for patients in-hospital: post-op, during chemotherapy treatments, recovering from illness, labor and delivery, and end of life.

Recently, Melanie organized and conducted a workshop on “Integrated Health,” in Berkeley, California. Workshop sessions were led by Melanie and other Wellness Practitioners on subjects including the Mind-Body connection, Reiki, Mindfulness, and more techniques for positive, sustainable change.


Participants included Business Executives, Healthcare Professionals, Educators, and People interested in better understanding how a multi-pronged approach can improve well-being and our ability for ongoing contentment.


Melanie sees private clients as a Reiki Practitioner for a variety of conditions.

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