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In the school setting Melanie brings new approaches to longstanding problems.

Running Staff Development workshops and working in the classroom with teachers, Melanie analyzes and creates, with faculty, customized solutions for difficulties that are unique to each school.


Additionally, at school Melanie treats students both individually, in groups, and in the classroom setting. She brings her clinical skills to understand and meet the needs of students as they struggle with issues at school.

In conjunction with her direct work with students, Melanie runs Parent Development groups in schools which enhance parent knowledge and awareness of child development. These groups provide ongoing support for parents as they struggle to understand and meet the needs of their children.

Faculty, students, and parents appreciate the expertise in Human Development that Melanie brings to the school setting. She is there to provide insights and tools that ease the struggles of childhood and child rearing, thereby benefitting the overall class environment.

In her work with schools, Melanie is regularly accompanied by her Therapy Dog, Dolly.

Dolly motivates and inspires “hard-to-reach” students and students with special needs. Dolly brings a sense of joy and calm. She frequently helps students to experience a sense of self-confidence and maturity because of their competence when they engage with Dolly. 


Together, Melanie, administrators, faculty, parents, and Dolly help change outcomes for young students.

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